Specialist and Support Team



Omar Rodriguez Diaz, Exploratory Arts Teacher 

My big question: How can I inspire and help all students be better, deeper learners through the arts?

I  have been an arts educator for 7 years and an artist for as long as I remember. I went to a magnet high school for visual arts in Puerto Rico, where I was raised, and completed my master's degree at California Institute of the Arts with a focus on traditional animation. I also have over 10 years of professional dance experience and training. My passion for dance led me to UCLA Lab School where I offered all my talents, teaching visual arts and dance to elementary school students until recently. I believe the arts promote holistic growth at every age. 

I love taking dance classes, singing lessons, life drawing, yoga, going to dance and arts shows, and snacking all the time. I look forward to exploring this great walking city and finding a good Puerto Rican food place.


Hannah Caminos, Spanish Teacher

My big question: How can we educate future generations to live in harmony with each-other and with the planet?

I am so excited to be part of The New School. I am from Venezuela but have lived in San Francisco for 16 years. As an educator for the last 15 years I have developed a strong interest for bilingual education, environmental awareness, children’s rights and cultural diversity. I am passionate about providing children with an education that prepares them for today's world. I believe that by learning a language and its culture, our perspective of the world gets wider and I see language as a communication bridge that connects diverse ethnic groups from all over the world.  I think it is essential to raise conscious children to protect the Earth and create vibrant, respectful and dynamic communities in today's global, multicultural and diverse society. I believe the true beauty of humanity lies in our ethnic and cultural diversity and that learning about this diversity prepares children to lead more peaceful lives in their adulthood.

In my free time, I love traveling around the world, meeting new people, camping, hiking, live music, dancing, eating good food and going to the beach.


Matt Thomas, Physical Education Coach

Bio coming soon!


Nicola Fleischer, Instructional Coach

My big question: How deep is our Bay and who are all the creatures that live down there?

I grew up here in San Francisco, and am thrilled to be building a new educational institution for my amazing home city. I am energized by the perspective and enthusiasm that my young students bring to learning, and I love the daily surprise of what they can accomplish. I joined New School in 2015 from my 2nd Grade classroom in SFUSD, and am fired up to improve equity in our city's schools. I began my career as a Kindergarten Teacher at a Rocketship charter school in San Jose, where I implemented blended learning models and learned the practices of robust literacy instruction. I graduated from Brown University with a degree in Education History and Policy, and received my credentials through Teach For America.

I love getting up with the sun, making smoothies, and playing with new crochet projects. I like spending my weekends outside, exploring the parks and hills we have in such close reach!


Dina Ochoa, Clinician

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Katie Brinkley, Learning Specialist

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Chelsea Hara, Learning Specialist

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Operations Staff


Megan Hugel, Operations Coordinator

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Exploremos Team


Maritza Sanchez, Director Exploremos After School Program

I am thrilled to continue to participate in the evolution of New School as we expand as an organization and as a family. I came to New School seeking new professional challenges and I am eager to work this year in a new role, as the Director of Exploremos. I am eagerly anticipating the challenge of being an intricate part of your children’s after school experience.  I love to see the look on the kid's faces when they master something new, and follow the exciting process of divining into their passions. Watching them work together and accomplish goals is the most amazing feeling in the world! 

I was raised in Colombia by two of the most hard-working people I know; my parents have taught me if anything is worth doing it is worth doing with esmero and purpose or it isn't worth doing at all.  I have lived half of my life in Bogota, Colombia and half of my life here in the Bay Area.  I have a 4 year old son, who is embracing a new challenge himself, preschool!  When I am not at school, I enjoy to finding hidden gems in the gastronomic world that is the Bay Area.  I love to go to the beach, spend time with family and just Netflix and chill once everyone's is asleep.