Questions from September HSC Meeting:

When does the process of renewing and extending our charter (grades 6-8) begin?

This process begins this year as we kick off our Middle School advisory group who will be primarily responsible for updating our petition with our 6-8 curriculum, budget and staffing model. This process will take over a year and we will submit our petition likely next year (2018-19) for both the renewal of the elementary school and expansion of our Middle School.

When will we learn whether our charter was renewed?

This depends on exactly when we submit the renewal, which we will know with greater specificity by this spring (2018). The process takes anywhere from 6-12 months.

What is the constraint on the lottery that needs to be lifted to achieve our goals?

The State Board of Education needs to approve a material revision to our petition to allow us to change our lottery preferences. Currently, the only preferences in our lottery include: that a child lives in San Francisco or is a sibling to a current student. The material revision would allow us to preference 30% of our spots for low-income families. This decision is made by the State Board of Education over a 3 - 6 month window and entails them reviewing all aspects of our model and success to date.