We provide the learning conditions to nurture the student characteristics necessary for success.

Learning Conditions

Students feel a sense of belonging

Research shows that students’ belief that they belong in a learning community is essential for rigorous learning to occur. We will create an environment where all students and their families feel included, valued and empowered.

Students have physical and psychological safety

Collaboration and risk-taking are needed for deeper learning to occur. For that to happen, students must feel physically and psycologically safe in their learning environments.

Students have agency over their learning

Learners are most engaged when they feel genuinely invested in, and motivated by the task at hand. We will facilitate agency through personalization and identity development.

Students have hands-on, relevant learning opportunities

When kids engage in hands-on and physical learning, they exhibit higher levels of concentration and increased self-esteem, which positively impact cognition. Students also understand most deeply and are motivated to learn when concepts are embedded in a larger context with real-world significance.


    Character of Our Students 

    Academically thriving students 

    Students will be prepared for college and the workforce, armed with the academic, social-emotional and deeper learning skills needed to succeed in today’s world.

    Self-reflective individuals

    Students cultivate a commitment to personal learning and growth — setting their own goals, working towards them and handling challenges they face.

    Creative problem-solvers

    In an increasingly complex world, students must be prepared to exercise creativity as they navigate ambiguity, generate new ideas, simplify the complicated, and solve multifaceted problems

    Life-long learners 

    Students will develop an authentic love for learning. We will help them find learning experiences in daily life, read newspapers and books about a variety of topics, seek out different perspectives, and push themselves toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

    Agents of positive social change

    Our students will be engaged citizens of their communities and the world; able to work in diverse settings and demonstrate empathy for others. They will develop an authentic passion for creating a more just and equitable society.