Morning Reminders

Drop-off at 8:30 a.m. if Your Child Is Not in Morning Care
Morning Care is open from 7:45-8:30am and is a resource for families unable to drop off at 8:30am.  Leadership is asking that families not in morning care to drop off at 8:30am. If you arrive earlier than 8:30am, you are welcome to wait in our entry hall, grab a coffee at one of the many coffee shops locally, or help with drop off!

White Zone Ends and Doors Locked at 8:40am
The morning white zone ends at 8:40am at which point New School staff will be in classrooms and the main entry will be locked. If you arrive after 8:40am, please walk you child in and call 415.401.8489 to be let in.

Students are Marked Tardy after 8:40am
Reminder that students will be marked tardy if they join class after 8:40 am (and three tardies equal one unexcused absence). Please make every effort to have your child arrive on time so they are full participants in Pod Time and starting the day on equal footing with peers.


Update on Nov. 30, 2016 -- Tardies & Absences
We have experienced an increase in tardies and unexcused absences throughout our first arc. When a student is tardy or absent from school not only do we miss them dearly, but a number of things fall into play: 

  • The student is missing valuable learning time
  • Once the student returns they must be caught up
  • For some students the transition back into school can be difficult
  • The school loses funding every day a child is not in attendance.

Please make sure to review our attendance policy found in our family handbook as well as our policy on tardies (3 tardies equal 1 unexcused absence). The week of Nov. 28, we will be reaching out to families with more than 3 unexcused absences to discuss the next steps we are required to take by the California Department of Education.