Classroom Walls

Facilities: Notes from coffee chat on 9/10/18

On the weekend of September 13–14, 2018, the District will install walls to formally split the kindergarten and 3rd grade classrooms

The kindergarten wall will span floor to ceiling and wall to wall with a door to allow access to the other K classroom as well as the yard.

The 3rd grade wall will span wall to wall and floor to 18” below the ceiling. If it winds up being too noisy, they will look at other ways to dampen the sound. They, too, will have a door to allow access for collaboration between the rooms. 

Play Yard 

The current focus is on striping designated areas on the yard for specific activities/games like 4 Square. There will be teachers staffing the different stations to help kids enter and exit games and clarify rules for all. There will still be lots of space for open, unstructured play.

Once the striping is complete, they’ll start looking at what else we want to bring on equipment wise. We’re limited to things that we can take with us; it doesn’t make sense to invest in equipment that may only be used for one year. 

New School’s longterm
“forever home”

It is probable that we’ll be moving at the end of this academic year. We don’t know anything yet about the District’s available campus locations for 2019–2020 and won’t hear anything official from the District until February 1, when the District makes us our first facilities offer via the annual Proposition 39 facilities-request process. Ryan and Emily are advocating for us with the Board of Education, and they’re pursing ALL options (including private). If District IT (SFUSD’s computer technicians, whose offices are located next to the Kindergarten classrooms) wanted to give us some of their space or if the District would agree to portables, we could in theory stay where we are. But those options were previously rejected by the District.

The dream continues to be our own school site that can accommodate New School’s plan to become a K–12 school. Our Leadership Team (LT) is submitting this year to renew our school’s charter, and the plan is to request a charter for grades K–10, to allow for a grade expansion each year through 10th grade. (Our original charter is for a K–5 school, and charters have to be renewed every 5 years.) Right now, we’re limited to a 1-year District lease via the annual Prop. 39 process, so the LT hopes that our annually larger school size and expanded charter length would mean that we have a chance at getting our own school site, as the District’s options for cohabitation (sharing a campus) with another school are very limited with our ever-growing school.

How can families help with Facilities?

Get involved in the upcoming Board of Education election. Four seats are available, and we have a chance as parents (not administrators) to help sway the board make-up.

On September 18 from 6:30p to 8:30p, there will be a candidate forum organized by PREFund—a neighborhood community organization that is focused on families and education—at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House (953 De Haro St.). Please see the event posting on HEARD for more details, including how to sign up for on-site childcare (note: there are limited spots, so register soon). Eleven of the candidates will be there so come out. FYI: Non-citizens who are parents to minors are allowed to vote for the first time in the Board of Education election.

So spread the word and encourage your friends to elect School Board candidates who support charter schools.