Past Facilities Updates

May 2017

    How will we discuss the move from 2929 19th St. to Enola Maxwell with our kids?
    Over the last two weeks of school, we’ll be discussing our upcoming move to Enola Maxwell with students. We understand that this will be a big transition for all our kids (and many adults!) and want to make it as smooth as possible. We wanted to let families know how we are introducing and talking about the move to so that they may support at home and answer questions:

    All classes will discuss our move in pod time. We will use this time to confirm that:

    1. We’ll be moving from our current site into a “new home.” 
    2. We love our current home. However, we have a new class of kinders joining us next year and will outgrow our space, so we have found a larger home.
    3. The things we care about most will move with us: friends, teachers, parents, what and how we learn, and our values and traditions.
    4. We’ll finish the year here and start the year in our new building.
    5. It’s ok to have feelings about leaving our first home and we will always remember it.
    6. There is much to look forward to at Maxwell, like a play yard!
    7. We’ll be sharing the school with another school—and with older kids, who are excited about being with us.
    8. We’ll have a chance in the summer to say Hello to the new school.

    Over the course of the next two weeks, teachers will collect student questions, thoughts, and concerns.  This will help us identify whether students need extra support.

    We will touch upon our move in an All-School Meeting, including letting kids know about summer visits

    The HSC Transition Committee will confirm and send out a playdate/family event schedule for Enola Maxwell in the coming weeks.

    If you have any questions, please reach out to


    FINAL 2017–'18 Facilities offer from SFUSD -- 4/14/2017 

    • NSSF will be renting space from SFUSD at the
      Enola Maxwell School on Potrero Hill for the 2017–’18 school year.

    • We'll be sharing the campus with San Francisco International High School, which is moving to Enola Maxwell from its original Mission home. SFI's core values are: Learn together, Act with empathy, Create change, and Challenge yourself.

    • We expect that NSSF and SFI will have separate floors and shared (but separate) use of the cafeteria/multi-purpose room and auditorium, as well as our own dedicated play yard; more info on our space configuration should be known in June.

    • Read our Leadership Team's Letter to our NSSF Community—including transportation and neighborhood info—in English and Spanish.

    • Learn more about SFI's mission to teach immigrant students English by listening to NSSF 3rd grade mom and public radio reporter Amy Standen's The Leap podcast (Season 2, Episode 2: "The Big Pitch").

    • Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Email


    March HSC meeting -- 3/23/2017

    Facilities surveys and Transition Committee sign-up

    • Join a Transition Committee working group:
      sign up to help our community answer questions on Transportation, Neighborhood, Environmental Health, and Co-Location

    • Take the High School Co-Location Survey (on Possible 2017-’18 Facilities Counter-Offers) in English or Spanish

    • Take the 2017-’18 Facilities Survey (on Malcolm X) in English or Spanish

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