Dear New School SF Families and Prospective Families,

NSSF is applying to lease school space from the SF Unified School District.  As part of our application, we need to show that our projected enrollment of 176 for the 2017/18 school year (132 returning students and 44 new students) is achievable and based on actual demand.  The District will use the total number of completed Intent to Enroll Forms (plus our current K-2 students' attendance) to determine how much space we can rent.  Therefore, it is critical that: 

1.      ALL current families complete the Intent to Re-Enroll form; and 

2.     at least 44 prospective kinder families complete the Intent to Enroll form.

We need your help!  Please complete the following form (one for each child you intend to re/enroll in NSSF) by October 18th and drop off in the entry hall box labelled Intent to Enroll Forms Here (it’s on top of the green lost and found cabinet).  Or, you can hand to your teachers or administrators.  Additional forms can be found on the parent portal here.

If you have any additional questions, please reach out to

Thank you for your immediate attention to this form!


Erika Ehmsen, Nik Tan, and Ryan Chapman
NSSF Facilities Executive Committee


Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions:

Every field needs to be completed. Here are some common questions you may have as you complete this form for *each child* you intend to re/enroll in NSSF:

  1. Student number: If your child has previously been enrolled in SFUSD (or if you received a school assignment that you turned down), please check those SFUSD forms or your child's old report card for your child's student ID number (it begins with HO) and enter it on this line. If you don't have an HO number for your child, or if you've misplaced it, please write N/A in this field.

  2.  Name (under Student Number field): Enter your child's name. 

  3. Home address: Enter your child's primary home address. 

  4. Home phone: Enter your child's primary home number. 

  5. Age/Date of Birth: Enter your child's info.

  6. Current New School of SF Charter School student: Circle Y if your child is currently enrolled in NSSF. Circle N if your child is a prospective NSSF student. 

  7. Resident of SF Unified School District: Circle Y if your child's primary residence is in San Francisco. (Circle N if your family lives outside of SF.)

  8. If Yes, please list the school within SFUSD your son/daughter would otherwise attend: SFUSD uses a lottery system to determine a child's assignment, so there are two ways to complete this field: 

    1. If your child was previously assigned to an SFUSD (whether at a neighborhood school, a "citywide" school with an immersion program, or an SFUSD-sanctioned charter), whether your child attended that school or not, please list that school. 

    2. If your child has never attended an SFUSD school before, please use this link to determine your child's attendance-area "neighborhood" school (and list this school):

  9. Parent/Legal Guardian Name and Home Address: Please write in the info for the parent who is listed first (aka Parent 1) on your child's school/camp forms.