Stock the School Campaign

We are committed to being a resource-rich learning environment which includes many hands-on materials and field trips, and we would love your continued help to “stock our school.” Instead of buying school supplies for your child, we ask families to make a one-time donation that directly goes towards classroom supplies, resources and field trips for all children. To provide a little context, a class field trip costs anywhere from $300 - $800 and we like to go on as many as we can!  Unfortunately, state funding in California is woefully inadequate and doesn’t cover such activities. It’s important to note that the Stock the School Campaign and our Annual Campaign (which support our co-teaching model, Spanish, Art, PE and long-term sustainability), are the only times the school administration asks for your support towards school needs, and we are deeply grateful for your support. Suggested donation levels are below -- please give according to what makes sense for your family and know that it will be appreciated and put to good use!

  • Giving levels:

    • While we welcome gifts gifts above $800 (the funds will certainly be put to good use!), please keep in mind we also have our Annual Parent Campaign this fall, in which we hope for 100% participation. All Annual Parent Campaign donations are also tax deductible).

    • $800 -- sponsor an entire bus for your child’s grade level to attend a field trip

    • $400 -- sponsor a bus for your child’s class for a field trip

    • $200 -- grade level supplies + all field trips for your child

    • $100 -- classroom supplies + all field trips for your child

    • $50 --  several field trips for your child

    • $25 -- classroom supplies

There are two ways to donate to the Stock the School Campaign:

  1. PREFERRED: You can use a major credit card and donate directly through this link: This is preferred as it’s convenient and allows funds to be directly deposited into Classroom Wallets

  2. You can give a check or cash directly to Jen Brandon, Director of Operations and she will deposit into Classroom Wallets.

If you have any questions, please email Jen @