Sept. 11, 2016

Hi New School Families -- 

We'd like to share some important information about how we plan to communicate as a school this year.

Based on feedback from last year's communication survey, most parents felt they were getting too many emails and that there were too many channels of communication.

This year, we are moving to Taproot -- a secure, online communication platform designed for schools -- as our primary communication tool. This centralizes communication, enables for instant language translation of all content, and allows you to adjust the frequency of emails you get. And there's a mobile app!

Leadership will use Taproot to communicate news about the school. Teachers will use it to relay news about your child's class. Subcommittees will use it to update on progress and needs. Parents are encouraged to use it to connect, ask questions, and share advice.

You should have received and accepted an email invite to these groups:
-- New School SF - school post
-- Your Child's Grade - grade posts
-- Your Child's Class -(First A, First B, Second A, Second B, etc.) - class posts

If you did not receive any of these invites, please email

In an effort to ensure full school adoption and engagement on Taproot, you can find suggestions for how to navigate and use the tool here.

However, the THREE most important asks we have of you are:
-- Join Taproot and accept membership in all your groups
-- Complete your profile, using your real full name and photo-- It's important that we can clearly identify each other to create community and transparency
-- Add your child and partner, so that our community can get to know families.    

The communication team is working closely with one of Taproot's co-founders to fix bugs, address feedback and expand the tool's functionality, so that it can grow as we grow as a school. 

Thanks for joining our community on Taproot, and we look forward to any feedback you might have to make this a valuable resource.

-- New School of San Francisco Communications Committee