All Together (Todos Juntos) Events

All Together events are fundraisers hosted by New School families for New School Families. They are an incredible way to meet other New School families and build community all while raising money for our school. Browse and reserve your spot at our amazing events below. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact Magical Unicorn Mom, Christy James at If you would like to host an event, we'd love to hear from you. We want every family to be able to attend these events, so if you are in need of financial assistance, please contact Elizabeth Maki ( for discounted event tickets.


New School Playdate at Adventure Playground in Berkeley

Adventure Playground has been named one of the Ten Best Playgrounds in the US by National Geographic and Newsweek. It earns these accolades for its unique outdoor facility complete with kid-designed forts, boats and towers. After that, ride the zip-line or chose to saw, paint or hammer instead! Your hosts will provide snacks for the kids - creative play can certainly work up an appetite!

Who: All New School students (students under age 7 require a parent within arms reach)

When: Saturday May 13th, 11pm-1pm

Where: Adventure Playground in Berkeley

Cost: $15/student

Spots Available: 12 left (6 sold)

Hosted by Komodo Moon Dragon parents Angela Wong and Lawrence Cheung

Tide-pooling for Kindergarteners Part II

Back by popular demand, your hosts have arranged for a SECOND tide pool excursion. You and your kindergartener are invited to join this scientific expedition to explore tide pool creatures and ecology. Your ticket includes light snacks, beverages and a memorable afternoon at low tide. This one's a can't-miss-adventure for you and your budding oceanographer or beach enthusiast!

Who: Kindergartener + Parent

When: Saturday June 4th, 2-5pm

Where: Moss Beach

Cost: $50 per student/parent pair

Spots Available: 6 left (2 sold)

Hosted by Curious Cat parent Jessica Huppi and Curious Cat & Magical Unicorn parent Darca Morgan 

Mother's Circle

As the school year draws to a close, your host Samantha Garcia is hosting a Mother's circle - a scared space to celebrate and honor the roles of women and mothers in our community. It's an opportunity to sit in a circle with women in our lives to share a quiet moment of introspection. Light snacks will be provided.

Who: All the women of New School: Mothers, teachers, grandmothers and caregivers. This is an adult event.

When: Sunday June 11th, 1-3pm

Where: Steppin Out Dance Studio on 697 South Van Ness

Cost: $30 per person

Available spots: 20

Hosted by Magical Unicorn Mama, Samantha Garcia

Waterballoon BBQ.jpg

Summer BBQ and Water Play for first graders

It's SUMMER! Ok, it's obviously not, but warm summer days will be here before we know it and your hosts, Rica and George Antoniotti, plan to celebrate. First graders and their families are invited to revel in the summer sunshine at McLaren Park, feast at a BBQ picnic and dodge-and-weave during a water balloon fight. Snag a ticket for your family now -- your summer-self will thank you.

Who: First graders and their families

When: Evening of Saturday August 26th

Where: McLaren park

Cost: $55/family

Available Spots: 14 families (1 sold) 

Hosted by: Black Wolves parents, Rica and George Antoniotti


Valentines crafts and treat party

This event is now over. Thank you to all the families that came for the fun and an especially BIG thank you for all the love Magical Unicorn and Super Puppy parents, Havilah & Jason Gebhart poured into this event!

This event raised $210 for our school.

New School feels the love in this Valentine's Day-themed event hosted by the Gebhart family. Kids will love making Valentine-inspired crafts and treats. Parents can drop kiddos off or stay for the fun.

This event has ended BUT the hosts were kind enough to offer a second one so if you missed the first chance or just love tide pooling, please consider purchasing your tickets above.

Thank you to Darca and Jessica for a fun-filled afternoon exploring the tide pools and to the families who participated and raised $450 for NSSF!


New School Nature Walk

This event is now over. Thank you to the teachers for leading the exploration and for the families who joined to enjoy some sunshine and to support our school. This event brought together kids from every grade and raised $120 for the school.

Nature is calling and Ms. Elizabeth, Mr. AJ and the Komodo Moon Dragons' own, Ms. Kim, invite your student to join them on a weekend walk in Presidio. Snack is included.

New School Sleepover!

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend this sold out event and a special shout out to Mr. Michael, Ms. Pina and Mr. AJ for hosting our kids. We were able to raise about $3,000 for NSSF!

It's a slumber party AT New School! Join Mr. Michael, Ms. Pina and Mr. AJ for an evening including a laser light dance party, movies, crafts and "campfire" story time before snuggling in for the night. In the morning, you'll love the breakfast scavenger hunt!

NSSF takes over the Roxie

This event is now over. Families from every class came together for a fun, rainy morning movie and raised $750! Thank you to everyone who came out and to the James Family for hosting.

Join the fun at this school-wide event as New School takes over the Roxie theater for a private screening of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax.

Harry Potter.jpg

Hogwarts West Annex

Thank you Harry Potter fans and especially Melissa & David Andre for hosting a magical afternoon. This event raised about $500 for our beloved Hogwarts... I mean New School!

Harry Potter fans, join us for an afternoon at Hogwarts West Annex! Students will be Sorted into Houses, practice their wandwork and spellwork, dabble in potion making, participate in Quidditch practice, and feast on some delectable treats prepared by house elves. Parents are welcome to drop off their Hogwarts students or stay and enjoy the lessons and feast (it's been rumored that Hagrid brewed a very special batch of butterbeer for adults only!).