Teacher Hiring Process

Before applying for a teaching position, we recommend you review the following information to familiarize yourself with our team and approach:


Lead & Resident Teachers:

  • A California teaching credential;

  • An unyielding commitment to upholding our guiding principles and a firm belief in our school’s vision and mission;

  • Teaching experience in the grade level and subject area(s) of your desired opening preferred;

  • A bachelor’s degree required.

Lead Teachers:

  • At least three years of teaching experience;

  • A master’s degree in education preferred;

  • Background in inquiry-based curriculum preferred;

  • Coaching experience preferred.

Hiring Process Overview and Timeline

Our hiring process generally runs 4-6 weeks depending on the timing of one’s application and the responsiveness of candidates throughout the process. Our hiring team carefully reviews all candidate materials.

Here’s our hiring process and timeline at a glance:

Step 1: Submit a cover letter and resume to hiring@newschoolsf.org no later than Friday, March 1st.

Step 2: Complete 30-minute phone interview*

Step 3: Send documentation from your classroom and reflections on your learning and teaching philosophies*+

As an educator, there are few places you can go that allow you to be your best self everyday and teach in ways we know are best for kids. At the New School, we believe in feeding your soul and your intellect. We take the responsibility of teaching and learning seriously, yet we do it with joy. We prioritize relationships and building community and believe in the limitless potential of each child, no matter who they are, where they come from or what they look like. We know that the only way to make real change is by building future change makers. If this sounds exciting, we’d love for you to join us.                      
-Shernice, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Step 4: Participate in final in-person interview day on Friday, March 15th which includes a demo lesson, relevant exercises and panel interviews with parents, advisors and co-founders. Our final interview day generally runs about 5-6 hours.*

Step 5: Offer letters sent following final interview day.

*Pending invitation by hiring team.

+At this stage, a member of the hiring team will request three professional references. It’s most helpful to receive feedback from supervisors and peers to get a well-rounded perspective on one’s abilities related to the position being considered. The hiring team will also request lesson plans, favorite educational sites, and insight regarding your philosophy on teaching and learning.