Our Guiding Principles

We believe every child is unique

Each child enters the classroom with a unique set of strengths and needs. To address these, we design Individualized Learning Plans with differentiated goals and strategies, enabling each student to learn at the right pace with the right group to meet the learning objective. To help students become the best version of themselves, they will explore their own identities, practice empathy and learn from others. 

We learn by doing

Our student-centered approach to learning allows students to dive into their own passions, collaborate with others and apply their knowledge through hands-on experiences. Our integrated units are built around an essential question that connects all content areas and draws on the Common Core standards. Projects and learning build over time, connecting the past, present and future.  

We celebrate diversity & practice equity

We believe there are real and lasting benefits to representing varied perspectives and cultures within a school community. For this reason, we are diverse by design with a school-wide approach that reflects and actively includes the rich socio-economic, racial and ethnic backgrounds of students and families.

We build community through partnerships

With a thirteen-year commitment to each student, our most significant partners will be students’ families. Families will play an active role in their child’s learning, and school staff will build long-term relationships to ensure students develop personally and academically.

In addition to family partnerships, we will establish strong relationships with local organizations: 

  • To benefit students who will engage with the city and its rich resources as a living classroom. 
  • To benefit families who will receive support to thrive in an ever-changing city.
  • To benefit the community who will learn alongside us as we iterate on and contribute to best practices in 21st century learning.