2nd Grade Teachers

My big question:  What are we currently doing that our grandchildren will look at and wonder how we could ever have done?

My big question: What are we currently doing that our grandchildren will look at and wonder how we could ever have done?

Kimberly Stevenson, Lead Teacher 

I feel so fortunate to be entering my 3rd year as a teacher at our wonderful school! Prior to joining New School in 2016 I spent time teaching in a variety of classrooms in South San Francisco and San Jose in classrooms ranging from Transitional Kindergarten to a self contained 1st-3rd grade special education classroom. My favorite part of teaching at New School is the ability to engage students in their areas of interest to increase their excitement about school.

Before moving to San Francisco and discovering the city I want to be my long term home I grew up outside of Sacramento in Folsom, CA. Growing up, 2nd grade was my favorite grade due to the incredible, creative teacher I had.

Outside of school I'm most likely at a dog park (with my dog, Barry) or watching Giants' baseball (with my husband, Xan). But my favorite place of all is the mountain lake I am fortunate to spend my summers on, living in a cabin and driving a boat taxi

My big question:  Why do humans dream?

My big question: Why do humans dream?

Jenna Paul Gin, Lead Teacher

I am beyond excited to join the incredible team at New School1 Originally from San Francisco with a dream of teaching, I began working for local educational non profits such as Breakthrough Collaborative and First Graduate. I attended UC Davis where I double majored in Human Development and Psychology. In 2012, I joined Teach for America teaching Kindergarten and second grade at Rocketship Mateo Sheedy and Rocketship Fuerza Community Prep in San Jose. For the past two years I've taught second and third grade at KIPP Excelencia in Redwood City. In every school, I've been inspired by the force and persistence of the communities. I believe in ALL students getting what they need, fostered by love and curiosity. I am eager to continue working towards equity in our schools and am honored to be a part of the New School family. 

When I'm not working I love to explore Yelp for the BEST food, go on hikes, and spend time with friends and family in the best hometown!

My big question:  What other animals have we not discovered yet?

My big question: What other animals have we not discovered yet?

Kylie Garcia, Resident Teacher

My passion for teaching began while I was a swim coach in Los Angeles.  I enjoyed watching my kids thrive as swimmers while having fun in the water.  From coaching I learned that kids should develop their skills in a fun and engaging environment, and feel supported to take risks to reach their goals.  

This belief lead me to the work at the UCLA Lab School for two years where I was introduced to inquiry based learning, and the Development Teacher Education Program at UC Berkeley where I continued to develop my teaching practices around inquiry learning.  Since completing my Master’s and credential coursework at UC Berkeley, I am excited to be joining the New School community where students feel supported in their learning, are nurtured to be problem solvers, independent thinkers, and creators inside and outside the classroom.  

I am thrilled to be engaging with students in hands-on investigations, and watching them grow as learners.  As a teacher, I will prioritize recognizing each child’s unique strengths, and help students utilize their skills to make sense of their learning and their community.

My big question:  Is there anything that is universally funny?

My big question: Is there anything that is universally funny?

Ella Glasser, Resident Teacher

Everyday "Aha" moments fuel my aspirations to be a teacher. I love witnessing these moments in my students and experiencing my own "Aha's" too. Most recently, I've had these revelations while working as an Education Outside outdoor science teacher at Hillcrest Elementary's garden the past two years. I love presenting scientific phenomena as mysteries to students and letting them unfold the truths. Before this, I graduated from Pitzer College in 2015 and am presently enrolled in a masters and credentialing program through BATTI. I have also instructed art at Camp Galileo, tutored weekly, and traveled abroad to Spain and Nepal, speaking both languages. (Sometimes I find myself mixing up Nepali and Spanish too).

After a restful summer babysitting, spending time with family in Chicago, getting sunburnt at the beach, and watching my brother play professional minor league baseball, I'm ready to take the New School by storm! Can't wait to get to know all of you.