Our Online Community Platform

The New School community uses the secure communication platform HEARD as a way for our community to connect, share news and happenings in the classroom, organize events, enlist volunteers, and build community.  On HEARD, communication is organized by groups -- school, grade, class, HSC committees, sports teams, etc.

If You're New to HEARD

If you're new to NSSF,  please confirm membership via the email invite you received to join the New School group on HEARD.  If you haven't received an invite, please contact Deena Minwalla at dminwalla@gmail.com to help you get set up.

The week of Aug. 21, you should have received an invite to the New School group and will be getting invites to your child's grade group and class group.

Three Important Steps When Joining HEARD

  1. Bookmark the HEARD sign-in page on your desktop and mobile for easy access:  https://www.heardnow.co/users/sign_inClick here for help bookmarking on your phone. 
  2. Use your real full name and photo in your profile and add your family members. This helps create transparency and makes it easy to identify everyone and associate families.
  3. Adjust frequency of email notifications. You'll begin getting emails notifying you of all the activity happening in all your groups. You can adjust how often you want to receive these emails. Click on your name at the top, then Settings. Adjust the frequency for each group:
  • HIGH -- get emails for EVERY post and comment/reply as they happen
  • MEDIUM -- get emails for every post (not comments/replies) and Daily Digest (recap of all activity)
  • LOW -- get urgent announcements posts and Daily Digest
  • MUTE -- no notifications at all.

How to Use HEARD

Please visit the HEARD user guide on how to use the platform and follow our community guidelines when posting.

For additional questions re HEARD, contact support@inc.heardnow.co.