Our Online Community Platform

The New School community uses the secure communication platform HEARD as a way for our community to connect, share news and happenings in the classroom, organize events, enlist volunteers, and build community.  On HEARD, communication is organized by groups -- school, grade, class, HSC committees, sports teams, etc.

HEARD works on any device and is viewable via your web browser and can be downloaded as an iOS app.

If You're New to HEARD

If you're new to NSSF,  please confirm membership via the email invite you received to join the New School group on HEARD.  If you haven't received an invite, please contact Deena Minwalla at dminwalla@gmail.com to help you get set up.

In August you should have received an invite to the New School group and will be getting invites to your child's grade group and class group.

First 3 Things To Do After Joining HEARD

  1. Complete your profile using your real full name and photo and add your family members. This makes it easy to identify everyone and associate families.
  2. Adjust frequency of email notifications. You'll get emails notifying you of all the activity happening in all your groups. Adjust how often you want to receive these emails -- from High (get emails for every post, comment) to Mute (get no notifications at all). Announcement posts from the school will bypass Normal and Low notification settings, ensuring you get urgent news.
  3. If you are an iPhone user, you can download a free app. Android users can Book Mark or Add to Homescreen the sign-in page: https://www.heardnow.co/users/sign_in.

Please visit the HEARD user guide on how to get the most out of the platform. We encourage you to support our community by participating in and using it. Thank you!

For additional questions re HEARD, contact support@inc.heardnow.co.