The New School of San Francisco is a
K-12, tuition-free public school designed in partnership with local
educators, parents and community leaders. 

We believe in "Inquiry for All" -- all children should go to school where they can drive their learning, ask big questions and take risks. This belief fueled the creation of our school in 2015.
Combined with Common Core standards, inquiry, equity and personalized learning are at the
heart of how our students learn, grow and thrive.

As we move from being a startup school to our steady state in Year 5, donations
from our community and those who support our mission of #inquiryforall are
critical to ensuring our success.  All donations to the New School’s Annual Fund are
100% tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation prior to the end of the calendar year
to qualify as a tax-exempt contribution for 2016. Thank you for your support!


Learning at New School San Francisco is “hands-on, minds-on.” Our student-centered approach embraces each student’s curiosity and encourages learners to construct their own meaning and knowledge through hands-on experiences. New School San Francisco is diverse by design and is committed to practicing equity in all we do.

Lastly, our school makes a 13-year commitment to students and their families to ensure they thrive in school and beyond. 

New School San Francisco believes this approach will foster a deep love of learning and prepare students with the problem-solving and social emotional skills to confidently meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.