November HSC Meeting Notes (11-12-15)

Notas en español se puede escuchar aquí.

We discussed our school’s climate and culture -- namely focusing on the curriculum and key strategies we use to build common language and understanding around our approaches to positive behaviors and repairs when harm is done. Please see this deck, which outlines this.

Each committee spent time thinking about how their priorities and work can also enhance our school’s climate and culture and then shared out:

  • Fundraising: Ensuring equity is at the center and that events and asks to families to not stratify our community or make anyone feel like they have less to offer
  • Communications: Focused on our communications being accessible and streamlined; next step is to collect information from parents about what they want/need from school communications
  • Events: Hosting events in different neighborhoods so they are accessible; having different ways of participating
  • Facilities: Beginning our next search process with a matrix that accounts for families’ needs and desires with regards to space and location
  • School Beautification: There were many ideas around enhancing our space, including a wall of family photos, more greenery to enjoy and loft space
  • Recruitment: Thinking a lot about how and where we spend time to ensure we attract a diverse set of families and also how we host events that are convenient and accessible for all families
  • Planning: Beginning to work now on next year’s calendar and considering health and wellness in mapping out holidays, etc.