Personalized learning is a key pillar of our school’s philosophy, and it begins with knowing each individual child.

We get to know students' strengths and areas for growth, as well as their interests, passions and ambitions. From there, we create a learning environment where students’ individual needs are met and their collective potential is tapped.

You can read more about our approach to personalized learning in this recent research report supported by NewSchools Venture Fund.

Principals of effective personalization:

  • Classrooms are physically and emotionally safe to support all students in academic and personal risk-taking.

  • Curriculum is built around critical ideas of a topic and students' interests – conceptual understanding is prioritized over recall.

  • We implement a co-teaching model to allow teachers to use flexible, small groups that are based on student interests, learning preferences, and/or specific learning needs.

  • Teachers use ongoing assessments, observations and data to inform their instruction.

  • Parents are partners in supporting the growth and learning of their child.