Personalized learning is a key pillar of our school’s philosophy, and it begins with knowing each individual child.

We will get to know each student’s strengths and areas for growth, as well as his or her interests, passions and ambitions. From there, we create a learning environment where students’ individual needs are met and their collective potential is tapped.

Five principals of effective differentiation:

1. Classrooms are respectful of each student.

2. Curriculum is built around the critical ideas of a topic – understanding is prioritized over recall

3. Teachers use flexible grouping, based on student interests, learning preferences, or specific learning needs.

4. Teachers use ongoing assessments to inform their instruction.

5. The learning environment supports students in academic and personal risk-taking. Students feel physic ally and psychologically safe and connected in a community of learners.

Additionally, each child will keep an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP), which will track individual goals, achievements, progress, challenges, and interests. It is also where teachers will document individual feedback and reflection to help students grow and learn over time. This ILP will also be a place for students to document their personal growth and identity development over time. Each student will keep a journal in their ILP to capture reflections, thoughts and ideas that will undoubtedly grow and change over many years.